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A few words about me

Massotherapist since 2009, I started my practice in a superb region of the South renowned for the practice of water sports, where I was called upon to work with many athletes. As it is also a sun destination very popular with retired travellers, I have developed a real interest in this clientele that I particularly like. These two opposing approaches have led me to develop very distinct therapeutic treatments. Specific and deep maneuvers like the good "Sweet Pain" well known and appreciated by athletes, versus a more delicate and encompassing approach adapted to seniors. 

Since my return in 2016, I practice massage therapy in Montreal and in the Tremblant region in the Laurentians. My Spa experience has allowed me to work with a more varied clientele. Faced with the stress of the city and work, people have a great need to escape and relax. I like to combine different techniques in order to offer an adapted and harmonized experience to everyone. The music and the oils chosen for each session allow a unique and personalized sensory experience. Health essentially involves well-being and I strive to transmit through my treatments a beneficial energy for both the physical and the mental. A well-deserved little break from the great whirlwind of life… 

Ingrid Briais

Registered Massage Therapist

FQM member

"The present moment has an advantage over all the others because it belongs to us"



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